Top Hurom Masticating Slow Juicers of 2017 Reviewed

Innovation is always the mark of a great company, and as one that invests heavily in patenting their own designs, Hurom is a brand that fits into the category of great juicer makers. By coming up with some of the best designs, they have successfully managed to establish themselves as one of the most reliable in the market, and since they continue to innovate and create, it looks like they intend on maintaining their reputation, if not improving it.

Focusing on masticating juicers is in part responsible for this growth, as the slow processing speed yields the best results, providing a lot of room for technical innovation. When designing slow masticating juicers, the aim is to heighten the quantity of the juice extracted and the content of nutrients contained within that juice; this serves as proof that the often minor adjustments made, sometimes so small they are hardly noticed, actually make major contributions.

Nearly 40 years after its founding, Hurom continues to make such delicate improvements to their juicers on a yearly basis, and 2017 is no exception, as evidenced by the following 6 slow masticating juicers.

Hurom HH-SBB11 Elite Slow Juicer Model

Starting off the list is a juicer with looks that quickly betray how new it is, given the sleek design and shiny silver coating, also letting on early all the surprises its inner functions have to offer. The structure is not one of the more common horizontal types found in slow juicers, with this adopting Hurom’s characteristic vertical style that resembles that of a centrifugal juicer, but that should be no cause for confusion. After having developed on their patented Slow Squeezing Technology, the HH-SBB11 features a second-generation model that makes clear its intentions by boasting a 35% improvement in extraction capabilities.

A high yield isn’t all that this slow process is able to do, as the large amount of juice that is extracted is done so in a way that it retains all nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. Since the processing speed is slow, it generates little heat, and passes on even less to the final product. Its applicability extends to use for most fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens. Furthermore, it can be used to process nuts and make milks, sauces, and marinade.

For safety purposes, an automatic lock system ensures that the machine does not operate unless properly mounted, which is a fairly straightforward process to begin with. The ability to easily take it apart and put it back together again means that cleaning is made just as easy as using the juicer.


  • Quiet operation
  • Auto-pulp ejector
  • Efficient extractor


Build not durable


Finding strength in the second-generation extraction technology, Hurom’s HH-SBB11 model makes some marked changes in its minor improvements, and these are changes users looking to purchase for the first time, or even upgrade from their previous model, will all take an interest in. Though there is still room for improvement, this more than does a good job.

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

A matte black juicer would look good in any kitchen, especially one that coats a design as sleek and as streamline as the Hurom’s H-AA model, not to mention the shape that embodies the highest quality masticating juicers. Fitted within these elegant confines is the company’s Slow Squeeze Technology, with this operating at exactly 43 rpm, and as is well known by now, that is a speed that retains all of what’s good from the raw material to ensure it passes on into the juice that comes out.

Regarding this last bit of processing, the yield is also high, as the machine aims to extract as much juice as is possible from whatever is placed in its feed chute. This includes a number of items, including material both hard and soft. All other functions it features make this appliance not just a juicer, but a processor of the highest quality. After all is done, the remaining pulp that has been dried out is appropriately dealt with according to a user’s preference. Unlike most other juicers, this one features two strainers that measure the amount of pulp retained in the juice, a job easily done with the help of a control lever.


  • High yield and efficient results
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable pulp output


Jams with leafy greens


As if defiant against all tests, this slow masticating juicer seems to want to do it all, though it may fall short on one crucial point. But when all is said and done, a juicer is often judged by the taste of the juice it produces, and as many will testify, that isn’t an issue with this particular model of Hurom’s. Add the good looks to go with that and there is no doubt it is an attractive option.

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

A single word could aptly describe this Hurom juicer, that word being capable, but there is a lot that either complements its capability or arises from it, and a detailed analysis of those features can be helpful to prove just why it is so capable. First of all, it is white, and made of a strong type of plastic that ensures durability. A powerful 150-watt AC motor kick starts its operations in which various materials can be processed, all visible through the see-through center piece, after which it is channeled out and into a holding glass or jug. At its low speed, the highest amount of yield is extracted, running at an effectively slow 43 rpm.

Despite the small feed chute that produce is fit through, one that features a convenient holding cup to help channel down the narrow pipe, the improved design makes sure that the very common issue of clogging isn’t something that bogs down on this juicer’s otherwise excellent functionality. That also means that it is easy to clean, despite being able to process a wide range of different fruits and vegetables, and the heavy-duty strainers make sure that getting rid pulp is no more difficult than getting the entire process going.


  • High yield
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Cooling system to prevent overheating
  • Suitable for juicing, milking, and sorbets


Limited for cactus fruits


Capability is what is promised, and as is evident from all that the Hurom HP juicer has to offer, capability is what is delivered. If any more specific reasons are needed to be given, in order to justify recommending this product to interested buyers, the affordable price it comes at should seal the deal.

HUROM HZ Slow Juicer

Playing it safe, the HZ model of Hurom’s long line of juicers draws inspiration from the company’s similar designs, but with some slight differences that are substantial enough to make it suitable to certain needs without risking ruining the run of quality products they make. The most prominent of these changes are the LED indicators, guiding users every step of the way, so that this juicer comes highly recommended for beginner users. Other than that, the 3-step process is pretty simple and straightforward, making it convenient even for those who are seasoned juicers.

The rest of what is offered are the standard Hurom features, which is in itself saying something, as such features are of the highest standard. This includes the expected 43 rpm operating speed, powered by the usual 150-watt AC motor, resulting in a high amount of juice extracted in a way that ensures it is rich in content and as naturally tasty as can be. Pulp is filtered out as it should be with the standard strainers, these being one of many parts of the juicer which can be easily cleaned.


  • Silent motor
  • High yield and quality taste
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Slow squeeze technology


Usual clogging issue with fiber materials


Though some might see the Hurom HZ playing it safe to a fault, as its one or two negatives are as common as all its positives, it certainly isn’t the case that the good and bad cancels themselves out to make this juicer obsolete. Sentiments often felt by consumers are sentiments often shared by those of manufacturers, and for those who prefer taking no risks, they will find this product to be reassuring.

HUROM HK Slow Juicer

Contrary to what was just previously reviewed, the Hurom HK’s design is anything but standard, showing off a shape and size unlike most other juicers. Measuring 6.7” by 9.8” by 15.6”, and at just over 21 lbs., it can be easily fit in any corner of the kitchen, no matter how tight the space. Made from ABS plastic, the durable build is also safe for consumable products to enter into contact with, being BPA free. Also unlike other Hurom juicers, or most slow masticating juicers of any kind, this comes with a large feed chute that can accommodate whole chunks to make the juicing process easier and less time consuming. Other than that, it features standard functions you would expect to find, all powered by the same 150-watt motor at 43 revolutions per minute.

The company’s hallmark Slow Squeezing Technology produces the expected high yield of juice, rich in the nutrients and vitamins that make it both healthy and tasty. High-tech safety sensors make sure that all functions are disabled when the piece is properly assembled as a whole. Integrated heat vents combine with the built-in cooling system to prevent the motor from overheating, not to mention that it operates in a pleasantly silent way.


  • Compact and durable
  • Slow processing with high yield
  • Multiple safety measures
  • Strains and filters pulp well


Use limited to standard fruits and vegetables


Everything has a ceiling, but despite its conveniently miniature size, the Hurom’s HK ceiling is much higher than one would expect it to be. As with all masticating juicers, this one decides to focus on quality, and with all the internal features that make other models of the same manufacturing company great, the quality of juice that this extractor produces is simply the best.

HUROM HU-100SB Slow Masticating Juicer

Concluding our list is the archetypal “last but not least” of the juicers, as it offers not just a whole range of features, but bonus material as well, all making it quite possibly the most interesting of the lot. Processing at a speed of 80 rpm, it is slightly faster than most other masticating juicers, but the fact that it is still a speed that fits well within the standard of its Slow Squeezing Technology, and all of what that guarantees, says something about its ability to yield high amounts of juice in an efficient way.

Its “cold-pressing” function makes sure that this extra bit of speed passes on as little heat as possible so as to not affect all the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes, which all add up to content-rich juice that can last for a while in cool storage. The dual stage process works to effectively separate pulp, which comes out dry, showing how efficient an extractor this juicer is. It can also be used to mix drinks, to milk, and to process a number of different ingredients. All the bonus material begins with the cleaning brush included, something that other Hurom juicers may have, though such others may not claim the tofu press, 1-month free TV subscription of related content, and included DVD pack.


  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple uses
  • Quiet operation
  • Loop handle for easy portability


Standard clogging issues


It’s nice to have a juicer that offers more than just its expected functions, all of which are great, no doubt. It is clear to see that by this point, Hurom has begun catering to a group of people it can be claimed to be partly responsible for creating juicer enthusiasts.


As time passes, Hurom continues to better their designs, patent more technology, and build on their already exceptional reputation. What shouldn’t be forgotten, however, is that at the heart of all of this is the legitimate concern of the health of consumers. By producing the best quality juicers, Hurom ensures that the health benefits of the raw material processed is not lost, adding noble quality to their innovative cause.