Headquartered in the revitalized heart of Oakland, California's Uptown District, Uptown Juice Company is proud to offer a healthy, organic product to residents of the Bay Area.

What started as a personal effort to live a more healthy life quickly turned into a business opportunity based on the responses of friends and family. Ultimately, we hope to make responsibly produced, healthy, and nutrient rich juice to anyone seeking a more healthful dietary regimen.

We run an exclusively organic, environmentally friendly business that is committed to working with local farms whenever possible. We minimize our carbon footprint by composting virtually 100% of our kitchen waste, recycling, and reusing glass containers. 

We also respect our community and believe in the future of Oakland. Each quarter we donate a portion of profits to a local organization that is doing much-needed direct-service work in our community.

But it’s the juice that is our true passion. And we’re committed to developing and producing good tasting products that provide bona-fide health benefits. Ingredients that promote well-being, nutrition, and longevity. Made locally by people who want to help our community live healthier lives.

We are Uptown Juice Company.

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